Gold Coast Cosmetic Dentist

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At Gold Coast Cosmetic Dentistry we really believe in the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

We see results every day that are making lives better for people of all ages.

Imagine the confidence it can provide you the next time you go out on a date, a party, or a business meeting. You will be able to smile wider and broader with the peace of mind that you are giving off genuine, great smile and nothing like your old shameful smiles. But how will you be able to achieve these benefits from cosmetic dentistry?

Well, it’s so simple and easy. You just have to visit us and we’ll find the right cosmetic solution to fix your crooked, gapped and different sized teeth. We can help by discussing beforehand with you want you would like and the solutions that we can provide.

Let us prove that it’s not as difficult as you might think !

Special benefits available to our clients include:

  • Discounts for University students on presentation of University ID, Senior Citizens on presentation of card.
  • Children bulk billed.

Some of the most beneficial procedures being done today at our surgery are –

  • Teeth whitening. This will turn your teeth into eight times whiter than your old teeth. The procedure length will depend on the type of treatment you pursue. There are two for this matter: the laser and the gel tray procedures. The laser will provide the whiteness you desire right after the treatment while the gel tray will be for months. But even so, the results will be highly satisfying so indulge!
  • Snap On Smiles. This cosmetic dentistry procedure will do wonders for crooked and uneven teeth. It can also close small gaps on someone’s teeth. It may cost big for the professional’s fee and time but the result will definitely be best.
  • White Dental Fillings. This will take away all the decaying teeth you got in your mouth. A dental bonding works so much like reshaping or resizing although it concentrated more on fixing teeth and not on the shape or size. It is also worth the same as dental reshaping and resizing but you can enjoy results as soon as the visit is done.
  • Dental Veneers and Crown and Bridge. Veneering is another option for dental contouring, reshaping and resizing, or bonding. You only have to put it over your teeth and enjoy the new set of even, whiter, and much aligned teeth it gives you. It also closes gaps if you have some gapped teeth. This also cost as the other two above.

Why not discuss with us the options and  pick the right procedure for you – and just enjoy the results.

We believe we are the right cosmetic dentist for you and can provide you with the professional advice you need.

Be the best of who you are when out with other people,  you don’t have to be shy of your teeth and of how you appear all the time. Be more confident and change your lifestyle with newer, whiter, and even teeth in a matter of a day or months, depending on the cosmetic dentistry procedure you go for.

Come and see us soon!